Content Policy

Here on Bike Like a Brewer, I will strive to:

  • Elevate the conversation. I’ll keep my content wholesome and constructive in nature, maintaining a positive tone. I will reserve criticism for rare occasions and keep it primarily to road conditions, infrastructure, etc. The goal of this blog is to bring people together over a shared love of cycling, and I plan on fostering an inclusive community.
  • Link to things I’ve read thoroughly. I want to make sure I am careful in what I post and share, and that all links and content stay relevant to topics at hand.
  • Use original material as much as possible. I shoot my own photos all the time, and I write most every word you will see on here. If I link to or embed something externally or produced by someone else, I will seek permission to do so and attribute the source. In return I ask that no one lift any of my photos or content; please seek permission if you’d like a copy of something.
  • Update and maintain content on my own personal time. By day I am a public employee and I take my role at my job seriously. This blog and my work life will intersect as little as possible. All posts will be written on my own personal time, and may be post-dated to be published during business hours; as such, the reader has my assurance the material was written during non-work time.
  • Keep politics out of the mix. Bike Like a Brewer is nonpartisan, and all conversations and material will try to remain as apolitical as possible. Exceptions include discussions on infrastructure funding and ways I am interacting with local and state governments to increase our cycling infrastructure in Lewis County and beyond.
  • Be a supporter of everyone who rides a bicycle. If you like biking, you are a friend of Bike Like a Brewer and I am happy to have you here. It doesn’t matter what you ride, how you decide to dress, the speed you decide to go — if you’re on a bike you’re part of the group and you are welcome here. Biking is for everybody.