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Great Video on Urban Planning and Walkability

I was checking out some YouTube videos earlier and this one popped up in my Recommended section. Yup, I’m a bit of a nerd…and I’m okay with it.

This video by Not Just Bikes is a really good look at several American cities, honing in on Houston as a prime example, that make it a virtual requirement to own a car to even exist.

It’s much the same way in Centralia, although it’s getting better. Our city is small and while there is a decent network of sidewalks, there’s not too much yet that invites walking and biking to get around town.

This video shares some salient points and reflects a lot of my concerns about some areas here in Lewis County. It’s a really good watch.

Salient quote: “Nobody should have to own a car just to participate in society. And designing a city that way is criminal.”

Back with more posts on my own cycling soon…but I thought this video was very thought provoking and worth a share.

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